How to Make it Through Midterms


Kaitlyn Rosa

Midterms are quickly approaching and stress levels are rapidly increasing. There are students who have their study plans laid out but those who do not, on the other hand, are probably not feeling very well about their upcoming tests. Well, luckily, I have gathered study tips and tricks that may help you prepare yourself for your upcoming midterms.

One tip I found very useful myself is to make a midterm study schedule. Chances are you do not have every single one of your midterms in one day which means that you can prioritize. Make a list for yourself. Put all of your tests in order, the first test you have to take on the top, to the last, the last one you have to take on the bottom, and study down the list. This is to ensure that you can keep track of everything you have to study and what you already have studied. It helps you sort out how much time you have to study prior to the tests.

Lakewood High School senior Miranda Larimer said “I have had such a hard time studying for my midterms and I am always looking for ways to find studying tips for my test. I constantly feel lost when studying.” Well a tip that I have to help with your studies is to study your notes, quizzes, and tests. Chances are you will have seen a lot of your questions that are on your midterm from previous tests and quizzes. That is because those are supposed to highlight the most important things that you need to know.

One last tip I have for you is to rest. You do not retain information as well when you are tired as you would when you have had a good nights sleep. According to the Health Land Time website, studies showed that the more tired students are, whether it is when they are in the classroom learning or studying on their own, they are more likely to be behind in class and not perform well on assessments.