Recap of the LHS Varsity Hockey Winter Tournaments


Seth Andregg

The Rangers had a very great effort for every single game they played in their 2 tournaments they played in. One tournament was the Bay Village tournament. The Rangers went 2-1 in that tournament.

The other tournament was the CVCA tournament that took place in Kent State University. The Rangers went 1-3 in that tournament.

The Rangers came out firing in the first day of the Bay tournament. They had a double-header with the first game being against Nordonia. They won 5-1 in that game and later had a game against Bay Village. The Rangers took that game also and beat Bay Village 6-0.

This put the Rangers at a placement for 1st place as they played Normandy in the championship game. Unfortunately the Rangers lost to Normandy 7-0 as they won the second place trophy.

The LHS Rangers hockey team played Brooklyn between both of these tournaments and took a tough loss 5-1 as they game was easily a game they could have won.

Next up was the CVCA tournament at Kent State University. The rangers had a double-header for the first 2 games.

Game 1 was against Kent Roosevelt and unfortunately the Rangers did not have a good first period and that effected the whole game. Kent Roosevelt won 7-0. They only scored in the first and second period as the Rangers played a hard-fought 2nd and 3rd period.

Game 2 was against Normandy and the Rangers lost 2-0. A very hard-fought 3 periods for the Rangers as they seek victory this weekend. They play Normandy at 7:00 P.M. this Saturday.

Back to the tournament, day one was over. Day 2 was a single game against CVCA and the Rangers lost again 5-0 still a hard-fought loss. The Rangers could not find a way to score but played their system how it’s suppose to be played.

The final day of the tournament was a game against Twinsburg. The Rangers took the win away as they won 4-2 and placed 5th for the tournament.

“Overall, I think after the first period of the Kent Roosevelt game, we snapped out of it and we are losing with a hard-fought game and we will soon get it,” senior Captain Forward Benjamin Manner said.

The Rangers take on CVCA Friday 1/11 at 7:00 P.M. at Kent State. Then on Saturday, they take on Normandy in a huge game. 7:00 P.M. at Serpentini Winterhurst.

Be there.