What Will the Weather Be Like Today?


Maddy McFarlin

Global warming has always been a thought in everyone’s mind. No one has brought anything to it or say anything about it. Lately, the weather outside has been very…inconstant. Which no one likes and is also just all around bad.

Winter started on December 21st, which was three weeks ago. It just started snowing two days ago on January 10th and the week before then it was 50 degrees out and sunny. The weather was beautiful it felt like early fall or spring and it was absolutely great. Everyone thought it was going to stay like that and have it be the same weather until summer…but that did not happen.

The snow came out of truly nowhere. Everyone thought it was kind of weird and off. We all expected snow but during December. It snowed in early November for about two days and then that snow disappeared and was not seen until now. “The weather is all over the place anymore I never know if it is going be nice out or just terrible,” saidj unior Aziza Mohammed. Mother Nature really decided to switch things up and give us the Ohio weather we have been waiting for.

A couple of days before all of the snow showed up it started raining badly. The one day I was at school and it was bright out in the morning and then two periods go by at school and it is pitch black outside. It starts raining terribly and there is thunder and lightning everywhere. Then about two more periods later it was all bright cleared up and sunny outside.