Missing Teen Found Alive


Nina Zanghi

Thirteen-year-old Jamye Closs was reported missing on October 15th, 2018 in Barron, Wisconsin. The authorities made their way to Jamye Closs’s home, only to find Jamye’s parents, James and Denise Closs, fatally shot. Only a couple of days later, the massive search for Jamye Closs began.

Over 2,000 volunteers began helping the search to find Jamye Closs. The FBI offered $25,000 for any information leading to Jamye’s location. Investigators later discovered a man breaking into Jamye’s house. This man was 32-year-old, Kyle Jaenke. Unfortunately, Jaenke was there to steal her underwear, and was cleared of any involvement in Jamye going missing.

Authorities refused to give up the search for Jamye, and over the months of November and December continued their search. It was not until Thursday, January 10th, that Jamye was found alive. She was found in Gordon, Wisconsin, about 66 miles from where Jamye was last seen. She was apparently found when she asked a woman walking her dog for help. The woman rushed her into a neighbor’s house, where they called 911. A suspect was taken into custody only moments after Jayme was found. Jamye is now in the hospital, recovering from her traumatic experiences. It is a relief that she was found in in decent condition.

When Lakewood High School student, Annika Mintzlaff, heard of Jamye’s rescue she said, “I am so glad that she is all right. I can not even imagine how much she has had to go through, and I hope that she will be able to have a great life after this terrible experience.”