Lebron’s Worst injury In His Career


Shane Rakes

Despite LeBron leaving the Golden State Warriors game on Christmas Day early in the third quarter with a groin injury, the Los Angeles Laker’s still left with the win. After he had left early he didn’t seem worried about the injury. The injury occurred when he was dribbling the ball up the court, he got cut off by Draymond and tried to stop quickly which caused him to lose his footing and slipped and fell awkwardly before passing the ball out to Lonzo.

When the Lakers’ team doctor was examining him on the court LeBron could be seen saying he had felt something pop. If his injury isn’t serious the Laker’s pulled off a huge win. They took over the 2 time defending champions in a match up without their best player for the last 20 minutes of the match up. James is unlikely to return until next week, as he continues to rehab on his injury that has kept him out of the game he loves for quite some time.

The 14-time All-Star  was re-evaluated and could return as soon as the game against the Golden State Warriors on Martin Luther King day. This is his 16th year being in the NBA and this is his first serious injury since he first started playing the game of  basketball. Lakewood’s own Alexander Blinky said, “I can’t believe he got injured and that he’s even injured for this long, I hope he gets better and gets back out there and dominates the court once again.”