Israeli Teen Charged With Manslaughter Over Murder Of Palestinian Civilian


Israeli prosecutors have charged an Israeli 16-year-old on Thursday, over the manslaughter of a Palestinian woman. The teen reportedly threw a stone at a car in the occupied West Bank in October 2018, killing a woman who was a mother and a wife.

Aisha Al-Rawbi, 47-years-old, a mother of eight, had just gotten her university education, along with her daughters.

“One of Aisha’s brothers, Fawzat, was killed by Israeli forces one day before his wedding in 1999; Azziya added, “The occupation deprives me of my children for a second time.”

Rama, who was with her parents in the car, said, “Rocks came down at us like rain. I did not know what happened. My head was full of shattered glass. I looked at my mom and I saw her bleeding from her head. she did not say anything and I started crying.”

The teenager, who was not named in the indictment on Thursday due to being a minor, was one of five Yeshiva students, was one of five students arrested after the death of Aisha Al-Rawbi, who died of a head injury in October after stones were thrown at her near an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank.

“The charges come one day after a court was told that the DNA the Jewish minor was found on the rock that hit her car and caused her death.” –

The Israeli student threw the rock when he noticed the vehicle with a Palestinian license plate.

“Rabi, her husband and their nine-year-old daughter were driving at a speed of close to 100 kilometers-per-hour. “As the car approached in high-speed, the suspect threw the rock forcefully and directly at the windshield, with the aim of harming the car’s passengers and with disregard for the possibility of causing their death.” –

“Besides manslaughter, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years, the prosecutors allege the teen threw the stone in the anti-Arab attack “as part of an act of terror”. He was also charged with stone-throwing and intentional sabotage of a vehicle, both “under terrorist circumstances.” –

Her husband managed to drive to a Palestinian clinic, where she was announced dead, according to prosecutors.

Israeli authorities started an investigation in the homicide which led to a arrested suspect on December 30th, 2018. Four of the other suspects have been on house arrest.

The Israeli suspects parents have also reached out to the media to address that their son is “innocent,” while also saying prosecutors were desperate to charge someone with a crime.


Al-Rawbi’s husband, Yacoub, said he had no faith in Israeli justice and wanted a hearing in an international court.

“The Israeli police and intelligence both know who hit us leading to my wife’s death but they charged one person only,” he said. “When they hit our car with stones they were more than four people,” he told AFP news agency. “I want all those who killed my wife to be tried in an international court.” –

“This is horrible. Those students took her life away; she was a mother and a wife. I pray for the Al-Rawbi family.” – Kamar AlKhdour.