This is our America too

This is our America too

Riley Geyer

Many teenagers fear discussing politics- it can end friendships and cause fights. We have been taught to avoid bringing up religion and politics at family dinners because Aunt Sue has some “conservative views” and we wouldn’t want to offend her. We have been taught to just “deal with it” until we can vote for the next president. Just because we’re young, doesn’t mean we can’t have opinions about what’s happening. This is our America too.

2019 is the year that we can finally talk about these ideas and opinions we’ve harbored for so long. There is nothing wrong with ending a friendship over politics- particularly if that friend believes that certain people don’t deserve the same rights as others. Being vocal about these issues will only help to demonstrate our grievances to the government.

For too long, young people have been silenced by political officials, those with dissenting opinions, and even our families. If someone can explain to me why I have to “be civil” with an uncle just because he’s family, even though he has expressed blatantly racist views, then I will. But, until then, I’m going to say what’s on my mind.

LHS senior, Sara Bitter, agrees. “Sometimes, I have to listen to my older family say hateful things, and I can’t even defend the victims.” She believes that teenagers have a voice too.

Teenagers thoughts can no longer be dismissed because of their age. This generation is educated, aware, and willing to defend their values. They have just as much a right to free expression as anybody else.