Biased Media or Biased America


Joseph Toole

There is a well known news media bias in America. With two political parties running its national government it is common for citizens of the global super power to find themselves in disagreement with their fellow Americans. The idea of a news bias releasing fake or prejudice news scares many, but could it possibly be as bad as we think?

To identify and study bias you first must define the general concept: “prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair”. It is difficult to research and rate bias, but it is possible. When the Knight foundation partnered with Gallup in 2017 to create an experimental news paper, they used articles from other media platforms and invited randomly selected volunteers to take surveys on the content. “Half the participants were not allowed to see the source of the news — only to read its content. The other half were allowed to see the source as they would on a typical website. A total of 3,081 people provided ratings of 1,645 different articles originally published by one of seven well-known sources” wrote The New york Times.

When Gallup and Knight published the results, they revealed that the blinded group trusted the content significantly more than the non-blinded group did.

When we asked a local student at Lakewood High school, they quickly responded “I think that the media has some sort of bias no matter where you look, if people want the truth you often have to look into many different articles and sources. Becoming educated to the topic is the best way to overcome bias in any part of life especially in the media field”