How Cold is Too Cold?


McKenzie Lane

This week, temperatures have dropped quickly, with temperatures reaching as low as -10, many citizens of Lakewood (and the rest of Ohio) are hoping for spring to come quick.  As of 12:00 pm on January 29th, students and parents were notified via text that school would be closed for January 30th and 31st.

With Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents day, along with other dates that cause no school, these snow days just keep making third quarter better. However, the  cold is nothing to play around with. Due to Lakewood’s walking district, it is essential to make sure kids will not undergo dangerous conditions when traveling to and from school.

The city of Lakewood has even has requested that  residents could skip putting out their recycling bins for this week, to help the garbage men. The machinery begins to lack and the men and women working would have to expose themselves to the cold even more than usual. Nothing is more important than the safety of those who reside and work in Lakewood. When speaking to local Lakewood resident and parent, Rusty Lane, he said, “I think the safety of those who help our community and better it, along with the students are the priorities of this city.”

Some tips on staying warm during the low temperatures include:

  • Staying indoors
  • Bundling up in layers in and outside of your house
  • Invest in slippers for around your house
  • Make sure to wear hats, gloves, and scarfs when going out
  • Try to block drafts coming into the house by using towels or pool noodles