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    Man Jumps Off of Disneyland Ride


    A famous Disneyland attraction was quickly shut down after a park visitor had jumped overboard, confirmed Disney to Fox News. How did he manage to jump out of something that is supposed to prevent you from falling out?

    The man who had jumped out of the roller coaster is said to be unidentified but is said to be somewhere around his 20s. He was on the Space Mountain roller coaster at Disneyland and managed to maneuver out of his safety belt and the bar. He managed to break free and jump out of the ride while it was moving. “He had to maneuver himself around the safety mechanism,” Anaheim police Sgt. Daron Wyatt reported, referencing the safety lap bar found in each car of the roller coaster.

    According to Fox News, the man reportedly has cognitive disabilities and broke out of his seat while the coaster was slowly making its way up the hill before being dropped into the many twists and turns the ride had in store for the passengers. The employees had managed to stop the ride as soon as they were able to see someone was missing.

    According to Disney, their park officials had contacted the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health to inspect the ride after the incident occurred. “Why did they need to inspect the ride? What about the man and his safety? That is crazy that they weren’t as worried about the unnamed man and his current condition,” said Lakewood High School senior Miranda Larimer.

    It has been reported that the ride is still closed due to investigation. The unidentified male was taken to the hospital and is reported to be in decent condition with no major injuries. No police reports have been filed. Park officials are calling this incident “extremely rare.”

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