Chaos in Cafeteria on Tuesday

Chaos in Cafeteria on Tuesday

Armani Adames

On Tuesday, February 5th, there was mayhem in the cafeteria 5th period.  A food fight broke out, shortly after an almost physical altercation between two young ladies.

The food fight was rumored to be premeditated, but it did not go as planned. There were multiple outside factors that led to this food fight. “Food Fight,” was yelled out, echoing in the cafeteria. Shortly after that,  a hand full of peaches were thrown toward one of the senior lunch tables.

Mr. Chiaravalle saw the peaches fly through the air, and saw which hand the peaches came from. He quickly removed the student from the cafeteria.

After the student was removed, an argument broke out between two female students. The argument was escalating quickly, so Mr. Chiaravalle hurried to the table where the students were to break them apart. All of the other staff in the lunchroom at the time, hurried to the table as well. Since all of the staff was tending to that argument, students took that opportunity to start that food fight. It was as if everything was thrown at the same exact time.

Peaches, lasagna and, bosco sticks, and various other foods were being launched across the cafeteria. Some students took cover, some students ran, and other students participated in the food throwing.

Lasagna was smashed against Lakewood High School senior, Megan Smith’s backpack. It was so messy that she had to be excused from school.

The food throwing continued into the hallway, when a fruit cup was thrown in a crowd of students. A fight almost broke out because a student that got hit with the fruit cup, was furious and nearly got physical with the student who threw it.

Lakewood High School senior, Megan Smith says,” I’m not even mad about my backpack.

It was the highlight of my high school career!”