Cardi B’s High School History Teacher Tells Haters To “STFU and Take a Seat”


Madyson Layelle Al-Aseili

Cardi B has been the big talk in pop culture for a while now, especially in 2019, but she’s also been the talk in politics as well. Cardi B has taken a new role as using her huge, fan-based platform and educating the youth as being a political spokesperson.

Now a lot of us know that Cardi B is not shy when it comes to expressing how she feels. Early in the month of January 2019, Cardi took to social media to express the situation on the government shutdown and how it is affecting American lives.


“Hey y’all, I just want to remind you because it’s been a little bit over three weeks, okay!? It’s been a little bit over three weeks, Trump is now ordering… federal government workers to go back to work without getting paid!,” Cardi stated in the video.

Not long after, Trump supporter, Tomi Lahren, criticized Cardi for what she had to say.


Cardi then tweeting back at Lahren, saying “Leave me alone, I will dog walk you.”


Photo above is a discussion about rapper, 21 Savages ICE complication. Lahren had things to say about the situation which made Cardi tweet a humorous warning towards Lahren.

“Don’t make me get my leash,” Cardi tweeted.

“At the 2019 Women’s March a last month, tons of protestors carried signs with direct quotes from Cardi’s rant about the government shutdown, and recently Iowa Democrats invited Cardi to speak at an upcoming Democratic reception in Iowa.” –

With many people all over the world having an opinion about what Cardi had to say about the situation in America, Cardi’s old history teacher had something to say about Cardi’s opinion and a message towards her haters.

“Joan Hill, a history teacher who taught the Money rapper once at the Renaissance High School for Musical Theater & Technology in the Bronx, sounded off against Cardi’s critics who “trashed her for representing a political voice” and told the haters to “STFU.” –


“I think what Cardi has to say matters. Just cause she doesn’t know much about politics doesn’t mean she can’t spread a message on her platform. It’s nice to see people support her, including her old history teacher. That’s really cool.” – Arianna, LHS.

Cardi has been even more vocal about politics and has even been supporting those in trouble and speaking up about them and their situations.

She has even been showing huge support about American rapper, 21 Savage.