Trump Calls The New York Times ‘The Enemy of the People’


Faith Patton

On Wednesday, February 20, Donald Trump called The New York Times ‘the enemy of the people’ the day after a report detailing the ways in which he tried to influence the investigation in his presidency and his allies.

The tweet fails to acknowledge any specific report that was published by The Times, but marked yet another attack on newspapers and media as a whole. He also recently filed a libel lawsuit against the Washington Post, calling for “retribution” against NBC for satirizing him on the show “Saturday Night Live”. But calling the New York Times “the enemy of the people” are some of his worst words yet.

A.G. Sulzberger is a publisher for The New York Times who issued a statement condemning the presidents words, saying that they are “dangerous” and “inaccurate”. Sulzberger, who has met face to face with Trump in the past year, made it clear that past presidents have been upset with media coverage of their administration, but ultimately defended “freedom of the press”.

Trump’s latest attack against the Times came after the newspaper reported on Tuesday that Trump asked then Attorney General Matthew Whitaker to put Attorney Geoffrey Berman in charge of the investigation in New York’s Southern District into Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen. Whitaker did not follow through with the request.

Trump denies that he put Berman in charge of the investigation when confronted. Berman has been an ally of Trump since the 2016 election.

“I don’t know who gave you that,” Trump said on Tuesday, calling the report “fake news”.

Trump has a lengthy and well-kept track record of lashing out at the press, especially towards the Times- (which is evidently his hometown newspaper). He has called negative media coverage “fake news” and referred to reporters and other news outlets as the “enemy of the people”.

Trump acknowledged Sulzberger comments and concerns and responded by complaining about the coverage he and his administration has received. “What you do is a very important thing. And I will tell you, I would love if I was just covered fairly,” Trump said.

In another tweet, he claimed that the press “don’t even call asking for verification”. He even included the remark that he regrets keeping them in business, ending with how in 6 years they all go “bust”.

However, a Times reporter supposedly contacted the White House on Friday, several days before the article was published.