Season 8 Begins in Fortnite


Seth Andregg

For all you Fortnite players, a new season has started and players are excited. Finally confirming what all those earthquakes were about. The prisoner has escaped from the Ice King’s dungeon and is now causing havoc across the island with lava and a huge new volcano.

With a new season comes a new battlepass. New skins and plenty of items for players.

Pirates, ninjas, and bananas. One is always close behind the other. Epic Games promises legendary treasure, which pirates, ninjas and the Ice King are all searching for. The map’s been transformed by a volcano and the appearance of a pirate cove, and expect to find several new areas when you start exploring the upper hand corner of the map.

William Adams, student and Fortnite player said “This season should be a fun one, I enjoy the new areas and it looks like positive vibes will be coming for all Fortnite players!”

With the new season there is always updates in the game. Update 8.00 came out with the launch of season 8. Here are the patch notes:

New items have arrived also! You can launch yourself out of a cannon. It’s perfectly safe! You’ll find them around the map and while you can push them into position and use them to kill your enemies, they also double up as a quick and convenient way to get around the map without walking.

Between the cannons and the volcanic fissures, that might fill the space left by planes being vaulted. Yes, they’re gone, along with snowmen, chiller grenades, shopping carts and the ATK. I hope you made the most out of them while they were in the game!

Go checkout this new season filled with new items and the new jungle area!