Can Music Change Your Mood?

Can Music Change Your Mood?

Maddy McFarlin

Everyone listens to music. Wherever you are in the world you have listened to music before or maybe you are even listening to music right now, I know I am. When you listen to music do you listen to it to make you feel a certain way or just for noise? Most of the world does it to make you feel a certain way because that is why it is made. That is why we love it and it is made. Artists make music people can relate to or music that can make them happy or sad (everyone needs good sad songs).

When you listen to music when you are upset you would typically listen to sad music because you just need to get it out. When you are happy you typically listen to music that will keep you happy and keep your spirit happy. When you put your music on shuffle and a sad song comes on you typically (if you do not change the song) then it will make you think and feel  little sad no matter what the song is about.

Putting the music on your phone on shuffle is always a dangerous thing because then your mood can just go up and down, like a roller coaster. One minute you will be having a dance party by yourself listening to an amazing up beat song and then the song ends and it just goes to a sad song and you do not even know what to do with yourself you just sit there…thinking.

Music can make you feel so many different ways and that is exactly why it is such and amazing thing in this world. “Music makes everything better,” said junior Aziza Mohamed. Let music do its thing and take over your mind and mood. The artists made it for you so appreciate the art that they gave us.