“Heartbeat Bill” passed in Ohio Senate


Joey Toole

On Wednesday March 13th, the Ohio Senate voted on SB23, or more commonly known as the “Heartbeat Bill.” In a 19-13 vote, it passed to be sent to the House of Representatives, which is republican controlled.

This bill prohibits abortions after fetus has a detectable heartbeat, which can be as early as six weeks, which is the time most women even find out that they are pregnant. While there is an exception for when the pregnancy is life threatening, there is no exceptions for rape or incest.

This ban is the one of the most strict in the nation with other states having vetoed similar proposes. Former republican Governor, John Kasich, vetoed the bill twice while in office; he claimed that it went against precedents already set by supreme court. New republican governor, Mike Dewine, has different views and has indicated that he would sign the bill.

Abortion is one of, if not the most, controversial subjects in America right now. Those who identify themselves as more left leaning individuals, usually believe in “pro-choice” and the right for the woman to decide whether or not they want an abortion. On the opposite side of the spectrum are right leaning individuals who believe in “pro-life, and that it is unfair that life is being ended.

Lakewood High student who wishes to remain anonymous says, “It is not up to other people what you can and can not do with your body, the government should not control something as big as bringing a child into the world…it is a very sensitive subject and there are many situations in which it should be an option. Plus you never know until you walk in someones shoes.”

Many different factors go in to what you believe like education, religious beliefs, and how you were raised, which all lead to the support or disapproval of this ban being passed.