First All Female space walk canceled because of spacesuit sizes


William Hyatt

The first all-woman spacewalk is getting ready to go, but there might be a little problem.  To everyone’s surprise, the walk will have to be postponed, because there are not enough space suits that fit.

The two women who planned to walk on the moon were Anne McClain and Christina Koch.  These two women were both planned to wear the same sized space suit, but only one was available at the International Space Station.

All though Christina Koch’s suit was not ready Ms.McClain still went on her first spacewalk on Monday.  The real mission itself has not been changed, Ms. Koch is still planned to go into space and change an ion battery on the space station.

Ms. McClain tried to use a large torso spacesuit but later found out that she would be needing a medium and used the last one at NASA.  Now McClain was using a medium as well as Koch.  There are still two medium space suits at the International Space Station, but neither of them is not ready for space travel and the moonwalk.

It would take hours to repair the suit and this would still be risky to walk on the moon.  Instead of going through with this on Friday they simply decided to just switch out the astronauts.  Evan Brown states, ” I believe that the people of NASA should postpone the mission until they are able to find enough space suits to fit both of the women included in the mission.”

Quote from Ms. Schierholz of NASA states, “When you have to option of just switching the people, the mission becomes more important than just a cool milestone.”  Although it is disappointing that the two women will not go through with the spacewalk together they will still both have done a spacewalk.

McClain and Koch were both apart of the 2013 astronaut class which was half woman out of a chosen 6,000.  As of now, NASA lists 38 active astronauts 12 of which are women.  NASA hopes to go through with more all-female missions and spacewalks in the future.