Peach Martine to American Idol

Peach Martine to American Idol

Aiden Kelley

Lakewood native Peach Martine is known for her music on YouTube channel under the same name. She currently has two albums, Peach Martine and Saint Cecilia, along with many other singles, her most popular being her “Counting Heartbeats.”

Recently, Martine auditioned on American Idol, performing “Zombie” by the Cranberries and one of her originals, “You Caught My Eye,” in front of judges Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry.

Martine said in an interview with News 5 Cleveland, “I want to say thank you so much to everybody in Cleveland and without you I wouldn’t have the confidence to do this.”

In the pre-performance interview with the judges, Martine described herself as a “singer, songwriter, and film composer,” a “lifelong straight-A student,”a “three-time varsity cross-country runner and cheerleader.”

After giving the overachieving responses, she was asked by Perry if she was a robot. They then edited her full interview, making it more glitchy and robotic.

After the performance, she was allowed to move on to Hollywood with two votes from Richie and Bryan. This episode aired on March 17.

Unfortunately, Martine didn’t make it past the first round of Hollywood group performances. According to, her performance wasn’t aired.

“It’s not gonna stop me,” she said in an interview after her elimination, “I’m gonna be the next Mick Jagger and they can all watch.”

“Her performance was okay. It seemed like she was trying too hard,” said Eleanor Santavicca.