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    Winter Isn’t Over Yet

    Winter Isnt Over Yet

    You might think now that it is officially spring, as of Wednesday March 20, you do not have to worry about anymore snow. You might want to rethink that because Ohio weather is always changing, one day it could be sunny and beautiful outside and the next day there could be a snow storm.

    It is never a good way to wake up and you see that your car is snowed in. Since Ohio’s weather is always changing, you need to look out for when your car is snowed in. It could cause many problems for you and the people around you.

    In Lakewood if your car is snowed in for more than 24 hours, you get a ticket. Not only does your car have to be cleaned off, and cleaned properly for that matter, you have to manage your own sidewalk.

    Not only children but pedestrians in general should be able to walk freely throughout the city. They do this because of safety reasons. They want to make sure kids can come and go from school and not have to worry about falling or walking through snow.

    As of this week coming up the weather should be warmer and you should not have to worry about any snow coming up but there might be a day where it comes out of nowhere.

    A few students of Lakewood High School speak their minds about the tickets being given out to the cars that are snowed in. Here are a few of their views.

    “Because snow plows are government-funded, the¬†government should thus expunge the ticket. To put it in perspective, the government pays for flat tires and damage due to potholes,” said senior Bryce Mitchell.

    “If you have an alternative place to park besides the street and yet you choose to park on the street, that is your own fault. If you live in a place that does not make accommodations for you, then they should be the ones to help find an alternative options or plan ahead if that is not a choice. Wake up early or do not park in the street.” This was said by Jordhan Kieres.

    Remember to clean off your car and sidewalk or else you can get fined.

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