The Way Kids Learn Everything Nowadays.


Maddy Mcfarlin

Nowadays all kids do is watch television and go on the internet. That is exactly how they learn everything they know now. They listen to what they hear and see and then they do the same. Kids do not know any better. Most parents just give them their phone or let them watch television to not have the kids bug them anymore.

By giving your child this technology they can do and go on whatever they please. Most of the time when you give it to them you go off and do your own thing so you really can not see what they are looking at or watching.

When giving these children all this technology and information at their fingertips can lead them to learn about so many different things. Maybe even things they really should not learn about. Kids are so curious and if you do not answer a question of theirs then they will do everything in their power to find out about it by looking it up or even asking around.

When kids ask questions we need to tell them and answer them unless it is something we really can’t tell them or they are just too young to know about. “It can end up ruining some quality time spent with family talking about certain things instead of everyone on their electronic device,” said junior Lindsay Trautmann. Kids are our future we do not want to brainwash them with all of the trash on the internet and all over social media.

We need to get them ready for what is to come. We need to help them. We need to have them grow in all ways possible.