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    The Act

    The Act

    A new Hulu original called The Act, is a true anthology crime series about Gypsy Rose Blanchard, who was involved in the murder of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, in June 2015.

    In the first season of the series, it states, “Gypsy Blanchard, a girl trying to escape the toxic relationship she has with her overprotective mother. Her quest for independence opens a Pandora’s box of secrets, one that ultimately leads to murder. Based on true accounts of this unbelievable and shocking case”

    “On June 14, 2015, Dee Dee was found stabbed to death inside of her home. One of the people behind her murder ended up being the unlikeliest suspect—her “sick” daughter, Gypsy.” – Elle

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    During the show, you see Gypsy, portrayed by actress, Joey King, was abused and brainwashed by her mother to believe that Gypsy was born with the mental capacity of a seven-year-old and that she had multiple disabilities and illnesses, including muscular dystrophy, leukemia, and asthma, due to her premature birth.Gypsy’s mother, Dee Dee had Munchausen syndrome by proxy disorder, and all the things she told her daughter about her health problems were all false. After learning about her mother’s lies, Gypsy plotted to have her mother killed by her boyfriend, Nicholas Godejon.

    Godejon was sentenced life in prison with first degree murder, while Blanchard is facing up to ten years for her involvement in the murder and charged with second degree murder.

    “Godejohn returned to Springfield in June 2015, coming down while Gypsy and her mother were away at a doctor’s appointment. After they had returned home and Dee Dee went to sleep, Gypsy let him know, and he went to the Blanchard house. Gypsy allowed him in and allegedly gave him duct tape, gloves and a knife with the understanding that he would use it to murder Dee Dee; Gypsy claimed later that she did not expect him to be able to do it.

    Gypsy hid in the bathroom and covered her ears so that she would not have to witness her mother’s death. Godejohn then stabbed Dee Dee several times in her sleep. The two had sex in Gypsy’s room, took $4,000 in cash that Dee Dee had been keeping in the house, mostly from her ex-husband’s child support checks, and fled to a motel outside Springfield. They may have remained for several days while planning their next move; during that time they were seen on security cameras at several local stores. Gypsy said at that point she believed the two had managed to get away with their crime.


    They mailed the murder weapon back to Godejohn’s home in Wisconsin to avoid being caught with it, then took a bus there. Several witnesses saw the pair on their way to the Greyhound station and noted that Gypsy wore a blonde wig and walked unassisted.” – WikiPedia

    “I really like the show, it’s very interesting and very well-directed.” – Rachel, LHS

    (Credit: YouTube)

    The Act now streaming on Hulu now, every Wednesday.


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