First Woman In Decades to Host a Late-Night Show


Nina Zanghi

YouTube star Lilly Singh will have her own show on late-night television starting September of this year. The show will be called “A Little Late with Lilly Singh”, airing on NBC. This new show will take the place on Carson Daly’s “Last Call with Carson Daly”. This new show is monumental for women in television, because it will be the first time in decades that a woman will be hosting a late-night show.

Samantha Bee has found success in hosting a show on TBS, but it is not the prime late-night spot, nor on a major network. The last time that a woman hosted a late-night show on a major network was Joan Rivers in 1986. Her show was called “The Late Show”, but after only one year she was kicked off the show as the host. For Lilly Singh to obtain this program on a major network is monumental.

Lilly Singh’s gender is not the only significant thing about her being hired. Lilly Singh recently came out as bisexual and she is also a person of color, making this a more historic occurrence. She has experience talking about tough issues such as sexual identification and race through her popular YouTube channel.

Lilly Singh will offer a much-needed female perspective on issues going in the world. Previously, every late-night show only had the male perspective about hot button issues, but her show will be able to offer different perspectives on some important topics.

When Lakewood resident, Ella Calleri, heard that Lilly Singh would have her own show, she said, “I am so excited that she has this opportunity! It will be so refreshing to see someone other than an older man on late-night TV.”