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    No home for the insects


    Climate change has been a problem for year, it’s only gotten worse over time. As we keep using plastic waste and deforestation keeps happening, our planet gets weaker. We use up all our natural resources and take advantage of it. Eventually things will run out and we will be left with nothing.

    It’s happening all over the world, scientist have analysis 50 years of the UK’s data. They have notice a decline in homes for insects. They have no place to live, woodlands and grasslands have both been affected by climate change. Where the shade would have protected the species from the climate now have lessen , leading species to migrate to other places. This affects the habitats of the animals that were already there, making their food resource go down.

    Climate change has risen average temps. higher affecting the matting season for some species. Causing birds to lay eggs weeks earlier and butterflies emerging months sooner. This is putting things out of sync, with their prey and potentially causing ramification to the ecosystems.

    Drops of insect population are concerning scientist. Insects help pollinate, with the fall of them it could be “catastrophic collapse of nature’s ecosystem”. With the decline of population it affects the food chain. Bird need insects to eat, without them they would have to look for other food sources, which there isn’t many.

    The climate change problem as also affected farming. Growing crops have been hard plus, with birds and insects coming early eating the baby crops nothings able to grow as strong or at all.  Climate change not only affects the animals and insects, but it also affects us. As Lakewood high student Kayla Dalton put, “Nothing will change till we recolonize the problem and actually do something about it, besides just complaining about it.”


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