Benefit Us, Not Hurt Us


Maddy McFarlin

All of the administrators at our school continue to say to us that everything they do is for us, but is it really? With all they do it just seems like it is convenient for them. All the rules they give us never benefit us in anyways, only them. We are the kids going to this school that pretty much pay you to do a good job maybe actually do a good job.

We are already forced to come here five days a week. Every one of those weeks we have to go through getting yelled at or these ridiculous rules they are giving us.

The rules that they add in to think that it will help us is having all of the students go in through one door. That one door is the door farthest from where all of our classes are, now where is the common sense in that?

The administrators want to yell at us for being late to class but make this change that makes us even more late. Some people have the change the way they get dropped off because of this new rule. “I now have to get dropped off at a whole new place to be somewhat on time even though I still have to walk across the whole school to get to my class,” said junior Morgan Harper.

The ridiculous rules just keep going with only three people allowed to go into one bathroom that has probably 10 stalls, well that is just a waste. Also we consistently get ragged on about headphones and ID’s when they should be worrying about more important things.

If the administrators are here to help us then why don’t they help us instead of making us go to school harder than it already is. We are here for knowledge and education so help us in that way. Instead of making pointless rules benefit us somehow.