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    Coach Gets Ejected After 63 seconds Into The Game


    The game on Wednesday, April 3, was the Spurs against the Nuggets. You might be thinking by the title that this might be an exaggeration, but it is not. The head coach got thrown out just only a minute and three seconds into the game.

    Now that is something you do not hear all the time.

    The head coach of the Spurs, Gregg Popovich, was very upset with the call that the ref made, or should I say the non-call, on the Nuggets’ player Paul Millsap. The game was held in San Antonio’s in Denver.

    Paul was defending LaMarcus Aldridge in the post and Aldridge had turned around for a quick mid-range jump shot with Millsap right up in his face. The official, Mark Ayotte, did not make the call and Popovich was not happy. He jumped out of his chair and quickly called a timeout.

    At this point, Popovich was hit with two technical fouls and was shown the door for the fastest ejection of the season, 63 seconds.

    The Spurs ended up losing that game 113-85 and they are now in eighth place in the Western Conference.

    After the game people thought that Popovich would feel sorry and somewhat embarrassed for the way that he was acting but, quite frankly, it was the opposite. Popovich did not have much to say after the game about his ejection.

    Popovich says ” You’ll have to talk to the officials.”

    Popovich joined a post-game interview with Coach Michael Malone, from the Nuggets, and the news says that his appearance with Malone was just about as long as his appearance in the game, which was not long.

    Wednesday’s game was the second time that Popovich was ejected from a game that week! According to Elias Sports Bureau, Popovich was the first head coach to be ejected from a game in the first two minutes since 2012 when Flip Saunders, coach of the Washington Wizards, was ejected in the first minute and 46 seconds against the Celtics in Boston.

    Here are a few words from the students of Lakewood High School in regards to the incident of Popovich.

    “People make bad calls all the time, I think that it was a bad call but he should not have got ejected or he should have handled the situation in a more calm manner.”


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