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    Nazi graffiti Vandalizes Buildings


    A Democratic Party Headquarters located in Oklahoma along with Chickasaw Nation Office was vandalized with Nazi graffiti. The Norman Police Department released a surveillance video of the suspected woman during the incident.

    Three incidents of vandalism have occurred on Tuesday at the Cleveland County Democratic Party offices, McKinley Elementary School and the Firehouse Arts Center in Norman, Oklahoma. The Oklahoma City Police Department believes that the same suspected woman who vandalized multiple properties on Tuesday is connected to an additional incident that took place on March 28, 20 miles away at the state capital that involved racist messages and Nazi symbols.

    According to NBC “Volunteers in Norman came out on Wednesday to help remove the messages, which included slurs against Asian-Americans and Arabs, support for President Trump’s re-election campaign and violent threats against prominent Jewish Americans academic Barbara Spectre and political commentator and Trump critic Bill Kristol. The eyes on a statue outside the Firehouse Arts Center had also been painted over with swastikas.” (Caroline Radnofsky and Suzanne Ciechalski).

    When students (anonymous) from Lakewood High School were asked to comment about the incident they replied: “It is ok to have an opinion but were people do things like this it crosses the line, be respectful it is easy.” another student stated “It makes me think twice about people, if someone goes to this length to express their opinion then how far will they go the next time. As a teenager I know how to exercise self-control and for them to be an adult I would expect them to know as well.”.

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