Nipsey Hussle Suspected Killer


Shane Rakes

The man who was accused of murdering Nipsey Hussle was arrested on Tuesday after someone spotted him and called the police, bringing an end to an intense, two-day manhunt which consumed south Los Angeles.

The man’s name is Eric Holder, he is 29-years-old, and was arrested at around 1:30pm in Bellflower on Tuesday, around 20 miles from where he shot 33-year-old Nipsey Hussle outside his clothing store. He was arrested hours after police made a desperate appeal for him to turn himself in and after his female ‘getaway driver’ confessed to authorities that she was the one seen driving him away from the scene.

The woman, who has not been named, hasn’t been charged. She claims she didn’t know Holder had just shot the rapper when he came running back into her Chevy Cruze.

Holder is accused of arguing with Hussle then walking away and returning with a handgun soon after to shoot him and two associates. The two other men survived but the rapper was pronounced dead at the hospital. He had gone to his store, Marathon Clothing, to help an ex-con friend by giving him new clothes and had not told his security about his plans to do so, according to sources close to him.

Lakewood’s own Alexander Blinky said,”This is so sad, why can’t people just come together and love one another. He was just trying to do good and he got shot because of some stupid dude. People like Holder is why we are in such a bad place.”