Should There be a DH in Baseball?

Should There be a DH in Baseball?

Will Hyatt

A designated hitter (DH) in baseball is when someone who is not playing in the field hits for someone who is.  In most cases, that someone is the pitcher. In the National League, you are not allowed to use a DH, but you are able to in the American League.

I think that the designated hitter should not be allowed in either league.  This is because if all other eight players on the field have to bat, even if they are not good at hitting, why should the pitcher not have to bat?

The reason for the DH is so the pitcher can focus all of his attention on his pitching.  This also gives the team using the DH a better hitter in the lineup.  In some cases, pitchers are good hitters. For example, Madison Bumgardner and Zach Greinke are both good hitters.

” It is crazy the difference in hitting between pitchers and position players.  On the other hand, I think that the National league has it right not having a DH and making the pitcher hit,”  said Danny Arth.

The reason for the National League not having a DH is because the pitcher is one of the nine defensive players, so the league feels they should have to bat.  In the American League, they think that it is better to have the pitcher focus all of his attention on his pitching.

It is said there will be a DH added into the National League in the next season.  I think it should be the other way around and the American League should not have a DH.  It could be dangerous if the pitcher gets hit by a pitch and is hurt for a while, but the position players also have t worry about that.