LHS Ski Club


Shaun Gregg

Do you like to Ski or Snowboard? How about making friends and experiencing new mountains and routes with them? LHS Ski Club can do all of this for you! Every winter, Ski Club starts up.

Many students usually sign up and there is a wide variety of age ranges from 14 – 18. Once a week, they take a bus to Boston Mills or Brandywine Ski Resort. The trip is about forty to forty-five minutes by bus, so you will have plenty of time to ski around.

I love to snowboard, and as a member, I can tell you that this is a great club to be a part of. You don’t get bossed around, all you have to do is get together with your friends and then you can go do your own thing.

Usually, at the end of the year, the club will organize a trip out-of-state. A few years ago they went to Colorado and went skiing there. Last year the club took a trip out-of-state to Peak n’ Peek Resort up in New York.

While these trips are quite fun and exciting, you do need to be cautious, there have been multiple reports of accidents that have happened with the LHS ski club team alone. On a trip, three Snowboarders hurt themselves, one had a fractured wrist, another broke their collarbone and the third one hurt their foot pretty badly.

While this is on the more dangerous side of things, depending on how you ride and what your skill level is, I would highly recommend joining the LHS Ski Club and trying it out for a year. Besides, it’s cheaper than a year pass to any resort and you get discounts on rentals if you don’t have any gear.