‘Historic’ Blizzard on It’s Way?


Bryce Binion

Spring? It may be April but the weather says otherwise. Especially across the central U.S. where a potential historical storm is sought to bring feet of snow on Friday.

Blizzard warning have gone into effect in 6 states From Colorado to Minnesota. Weather forecasters are predicting up to 24 inches of snow and winds up to 50 mph. The National Weather Service says the storm is going to move across the Rockies and into the northern plain.

The highest amount of snow is expected to fall across South Dakota.With the snow and strong winds traffic will be “difficult to impossible” to get through. Visibility will drop to “near zero.”

There is also the potential for sleet and freezing rain near the border of Iowa and Minnesota. This which may lead to power outages and dangerous travel.

Next to heavy snow there will be severe thunderstorms across the midwest. There is also fear of flooding in places that have paid millions to pick up the damages from flooding in the past year.

Nebraska is one of the few states not repeating the castastrophic flooding. Although there  will be localized flooding, most of the danger will be along the Missouri river.

Emergency Management is warning people to be ready for the flooding and prepare.