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    Maryclaire Rossen

    Maryclaire Rossen

    Maryclaire Rossen is a sophomore at Lakewood High School. She plays two different sports for Lakewood. During fall season she plays volleyball and during winter season she plays basketball. During volleyball season she was on the JV team, but then worked her way up to varsity.

    Q. Why did you choose volleyball and basketball?

    A. My family has played both sports growing up, so it really just ran in the family.

    Q. Do you like playing volleyball or basketball more?

    A. Volleyball, because the team was more fun. I feel like I have more potential in the sport.

    Q. Any specific games you are proud of?

    A. Against Berea at home, it was my best game, I got six kills.

    Q. Do you see yourself playing throughout high school or in the future at college?

    A. Yes, volleyball because I really enjoy the sport and I am really exited for what the future holds.

    Q. Have you ever thought about quitting either sport?

    A. Yes, both actually. It was really basketball that hit hard for me. I thought I wasn’t the best at it so I took a break sophomore year and did not play.

    Q. How long have you been playing these sports?

    A. Four years now. I started in seventh grade.

    Q. Do Either of these sports get in the way of your school work?

    A. Yes a lot, because most of the time we had games or practices that ended late. I was really exhausted to do work.

    Q. Is there anything you wish to accomplish in these sports?

    A. During volleyball I would like to get a certain amount of hits. Basketball is still in the mix on continuing or not. Being announced would be really cool.

    Q. What famous athlete do you look up to and why?

    A. Victoria Garrick even though she is a libero, she still has really good energy, it hypes me up and get motivation.

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