We Need to Put Down the Phone

We Need to Put Down the Phone

Cassidy Baldridge

Is technology taking over this generation? Look all around you. I bet that you can find at least one person whose eyes are glued to their phone.

Now a days it is weird to know someone who does not have a smart phone. Many people use their phone for things like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It would also be considered odd if you did not have one of those.

It is like we are with the person when we are communicating with them over the phone. Even when we are with other people, we continue to isolate ourselves with the use of technology.

Many adults say that kids are on their phones too much. They say things like, “Back in my day we would have to go to their house to communicate with them, so you should too.” But I am sure that if they had access to that kind of technology they would use it just as they do now.

Even at concerts people shove their phones up in the air to capture the memory instead of enjoying the moment. It could be that phones are simply addicting and it is something that can not be fixed.

Miabella Doerr said, “I wish phones did not exist sometimes.” Why, some may ask? It is because our whole society is consumed into their phones.

Younger kids should have to play outside instead of being given a tablet to keep themselves out of the way. We should have to put phones away when spending time with friends or family.

I’m not saying that phones are bad. I am saying that we should spend more time together not you him and the phone.