Tiger Woods is Back


Shaun Gregg

Recently, pro golfer Tiger Woods has just won his first Major Masters win in 11 years. Before this, he has been off the grid and lost his respect as a person to a sex scandal as well as he’s had four back surgeries that left him unable to move for days, so golfing was definitely out the window.

He’s currently gaining on Jack Nicklaus, who has 18 major wins, with 15 major wins. The start of his comeback which started in September of 2018, which was his first win at all since 2013 when Tiger Woods won the WGC Bridgestone tournament. Currently, Tiger Woods has won 81 PGA tour events which are 1 away from being tied with the most PGA wins record of 82.

After his surgery, Woods was unsure he would ever play golf again, and after a miracle of recovery, he was back swinging the club in 2017. Erica Herman, Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend, and restaurant manager has been with him since 2017, through all of his surgeries and health issues. She was the one who motivated him to get out of bed and keep trying to get better until he was finally able to get back up on his feet and swing a club once more.

Tiger’s win is so significant that even the president congratulated him both in person and gave him his own tweet dedicated to him. If anyone is to get credit for Tiger Wood’s win a few days ago, it has to be his girlfriend, she is the only reason he had the motivation to get up in the morning and attempt to be active.