Hurricane Maria, Climate Change Discoveries


Tony Cunningham

According to a new study, climate change may be one of the main reasons for the excessive amounts of rain back in 2017, thanks to Hurricane Maria, which hit Puerto Rico. In fact, the amount of annual rainfall dropped was around a quarter within just one day.

The worst cases of rainfall took place around the central part of Puerto Rico, which is normally subject to rainfall. Statistics say that the amount of rain dropped in just one year is around 150 inches.

When it comes to Hurricane Maria and its impact on Puerto Rico, statistics say that the amount of rain that dropped in Puerto Rico in just one day was around 15 inches, which, it turns out, is around 30% more when compared to a storm that previously took place in 1985. Statistics also say that the amount of rain that was dropped was around 66% more when compared to Puerto Rico’s average rainfall.

Lakewood High School Junior Collin McDermott says, “Scientists say the hole in our o-zone is repaired, but are they doing anything to repair it? NO!”

Hurricane Maria dropped massive amounts of rain that caused extreme flooding. Dams were destroyed, available drinking water would also be lost.

Thousands of landslides would be formed due to the excessive amounts of rain, resulting in the isolation of various communities for days, even weeks.

It has also been found that a storm of Hurricane Maria’s intensity is around 5-times more likely to take place today, having warmer ocean water, as well as warmer air. In fact, it has also been found that climate change is a leading cause for various storms.