Lakewood Sports

Lakewood Sports

Maddy McFarlin

April Showers bring May Flowers. It is that time of the year again…Spring.

That also means spring sports!!! We go cheer on all of our friends and classmates while they get their sport on. You never know if you are going to have to be all bundled up or if you can wear a t-shirt because if the weather.

One day you will be sitting at a baseball game and it will be 34 degrees out. Then the next day you will be at a softball game and it is 65 degrees out and sunny. You just need to learn and end up being prepared for any type of weather.

For baseball, the team is doing very well and they are tied for first in their conference. Their determination is there and they are all ready to keep winning.

For Softball, the team sadly has not won but they keep their heads up and are determined to win. they work as hard as possible and push themselves. “Even though we haven’t won we are still pushing for that win. I love my team and I love all the positivity we have and receive,” said junior Tara Kantura.

For Track, the teams are also not doing the best but they all run as fast as possible and push themselves to get that medal. Their senior night is tonight and they are going to go all out.

The spring sports are doing well and they love and need your support so go support them in any way possible because they will appreciate it.