Era Bakia

Era Bakia

Katie Booth

Era Bakia is a senior at Lakewood High School and is our Person of the Week. She has been at Lakewood all 4 years and has been a part of many different clubs and projects.

She was chosen as Person of the Week due to her always positive attitude and outlook. She goes out of her way to help others and brighten peoples days.

I was able to sit down with her and ask her some questions about her high school experiences and future plans.

Q: What’s your favorite memory about high school?

A: One of my favorite memories from high school is being able to participate in the school play Mamma Mia.

Q: What extracurriculars are you involved in? 

A: I’ve been involved in Barnstormers Drama Club, National Honors Society, Help2Others Service Club, French Honors Society, French Club, Interact Rotary Club of Service, Dance Group, Dance Lakewood Competition Team, MOCA Hear Our Voices Social Activism Group, Club ID, Dare to Care, Race and Diversity Club, Model UN, Key Club of Kiwanis Service, and Orchestra playing the violin.

Q: What’s your position in National Honors Society and why did you decide to run?

A: I am the Sergeant of Arms and I ran to help plan service projects.

Q: What are your future plans? 

A: My future plans are to attend Ohio University and study Biology.

Q: How long have you been dancing? 

A: I’ve been dancing for 9+ years now and I plan on continuing it in college.