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    Eaters of Lakewood

    Yuzu Lakewood

    On April 24th, Eaters of Lakewood gathered at Yuzu, an Izakaya inspired bar at 13603 Madison Ave. The menu at Yuzu consists of everything from “beef” fries and burgers to Pad Thai and chicken teriyaki.

    The turnout at Yuzu on the 24th had about 12 members attend and included students from each class of Lakewood High.

    If you are ever interested in joining Eaters of Lakewood, there are always posters around detailing when and where the next Eaters of Lakewood meeting is set to be. You will be sure to know its an Eaters of Lakewood poster because they are usually made out of plates, decorated with food, or made out of food such as macaroni noodles.

    Nicole Hudak is the lead designer of these posters and active participant in the club led by Mr. Lobozzo. She has always enjoyed going to the Eaters of Lakewood meetings at various Lakewood establishments.

    Nicole recommends, “Anyone who is interested in having a good time with friends once a month should definitely join Eaters of Lakewood for our next meeting in May and even continue next year.”

    Eaters of Lakewood has been to countless restaurants around Lakewood such as Mad Mac’s, The Sweet Spot, The Waterbury, and Dewy’s Pizza. Always with a high turnout with the same people, and sometimes new, Eaters of Lakewood is bound to stay around for years to come even after the class of 2020 is gone.

    The next Eaters of Lakewood meeting will be in May but the details such as where and when it will be have yet to be finalized by Mr. Lobozzo and the student leaders.

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