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    Why Russell Westbrook is Overrated


    Russell Westbrook is an all-star caliber player year in and year out. Although, this does not take away from the fact that he is an overrated, stat chasing point guard. Here are some of his stats.

    During the regular season, Russell Westbrook averaged a triple double. This is obviously an amazing accomplishment, but he did this while shooting just 42% from the field, 29% from 3 point range, and 65% from the free throw line. He also averaged almost 5 turnovers per game.

    Russell also took a whopping 20 shots per game and only 8 of them on average.

    Another reason Russell Westbrook is overrated is because since he became the first scoring option on his team, the Thunder have failed to get past the first round of the playoffs. This is after making a trip to the Western Conference Finals.

    Last year, the Thunder played the Utah Jazz. Russell Averaged 29 points per game, just by looking at that, you would think he had a very good series. Well, it was pretty average at best. He made just 40% of his shots and had some drama about not being able to defend a role player in Ricky Rubio.

    Local NBA fan Chris Thelen had some words for this topic. “Russell Westbrook hasn’t been good this year. He’s just a stat chaser, the whole offense is centered around him getting triple doubles so he looks good.”

    Overall, I think Russell Westbrook is a ball dominant, stat chasing point guard who will never be able to make a deep playoff run let alone win a championship. He gets into 1 on 1 battles with whoever is on the other team and makes it all about himself. This is a cancer for any team. I’m not sure if the Thunder will ever be able to contend for a championship with Westbrook playing the way he has played the past year.

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