Why Lakewood Highschool Should Have Open Lunch

Why Lakewood Highschool Should Have Open Lunch

Shaun Gregg

For a few years now, Lakewood Highschool has had a closed lunch, meaning that students are required to stay in the cafeteria or school building for their lunch period. While I get this is a good way to keep track of people, I would also disagree that this is necessary.

Students should be allowed to be more independent and have a lot more freedoms when it comes to lunch. They should be allowed to go outside school property to go pick something up or have a picnic on the lawn of the school like they used to.

With so many places so close in this city, It’s only logical because by letting students go to these businesses could have a positive effect on the community. The businesses would be bringing in more money than normal at lunchtime because of the foot traffic.

That being said, I understand that it would be a little difficult to keep track of everyone which is why a system should be implemented into the school system where any student permitted to leave during open lunch will have to sign out via electronic device or literally on a pen and paper.

Lakewood student, Logan Banhidy states “Open lunch would be a huge plus because I would be able to run to my house or Five Guys to grab a burger”. Thus, bringing me to my final point of letting students go home and relax for thirty or forty minutes and grab a break from schooling. Many students are very stressed out during the day and just need some fresh air or a change in scenery every once in a while. If open lunch was implemented into the school system I could almost guarantee that GPAs would go up across the board.