Cuyahoga County Jail Officer Attacks Inmate

Cuyahoga County Jail Officer Attacks Inmate

Maddi Tobey

Officer John McCloud from the Cuyahoga County Jail resigned after he snapped on the job. An inmate threw a banana peel in the directions of Officer McCloud, who then attacked the inmate. The attack lasted almost seven minutes, during which McCloud hit and knelt on the inmate. A video was taken of the attack, which was released by the County.

The video shows the inmate walking past a garbage can, then tossing his banana peel at McCloud. Office McCloud then is seen following the inmate where the two have a brief exchange. The inmate walked away and bent over to pick something off the ground, but he was then attacked by McCloud.

In the attack McCloud grabbed the inmate and put him in a headlock. The inmate escaped his grasp and backed away from McCloud, who walked up to him. The two stood without moving for about 12 seconds.

The inmate tried to walk away and McCloud grabbed him. The inmate broke free again and McCloud charged at him, grabbing him and throwing him to the ground. Next McCloud knelt on the inmates chest, then picking the inmate up by his wrists and dragging him a few feet.

Once again the inmate desperately tried to escape McCloud, but he is wrestled to the floor again. McCloud laid on top of him with a forearm to the back of the inmate’s head. He held him on the ground for about two minutes, sometimes pressing his head against the floor.

Then McCloud gets up and kneels on the inmates head for another 50 seconds. He grabbed the inmate by the hair, pulling him up and fighting once more. Finally McCloud stops, throwing the inmate to the ground and walked away.

No criminal charges have been brought upon McCloud. He told investigators after the attack that he “blacked out” and didn’t remember the details of the attack. He didn’t report the incident to his supervisors for more than an hour

Lakewood High School senior, Tayt Armitage, was shocked to see the video of the attack. He said, “I just can’t believe that actually happened, that a gross misuse of power.”