A.I.R Tests

A.I.R Tests

Maddy McFarlin

Every year towards the end of the year we know that the standardized tests are coming up. You already know how thrilled we are about that. We actually dread this time as students because taking a test for three hours straight is just hell.  The only time we actually enjoy it is the times we do not have a test and can sleep in.

These tests are only here to benefit the teachers and the school. They need to see if the teachers are actually doing their job because the tests questions are all of what the teachers are supposed to teach us and what we are supposed to know.  The principals and superintendent need to know if the teachers do their jobs and if they are not goofing off.

Especially to have the points of the tests affect your graduation and if you are allowed to graduate or not. the tests to see if the teachers are doing what they have to it should not have to affect us so badly. The tests do not benefit us they just bring us down.

The tests scores do not help us like the SAT and ACT those tests actually help us. The A.I.R. tests are just pointless and a waste of time, stress and effort. “A.I.R. tests are a waste of my time and I am sick of having to do them,” said junior Tara Kantura. Just stop wasting everyone’s time with this and get rid of these pointless tests. We do not need them.