“Crime News” Wanted By Amazon Doorbell Company


Tony Cunningham

Last year, Amazon would buy the doorbell company, Ring, for over one billion dollars. Amazon is currently seeking out someone who can act as “managing editor, news,” with security-based doorbells being the main focus of attention.

Apparently, a doorbell company would like to start covering “crime news.”

Basically, whoever gets the job will be joined by a group of editors, with the goal being to report on “crime news,” sending alerts to residents, neighbors, etc.

As for the job itself, one must have at least 5-years of “experience” with reporting, as well as with editorial operations. You must also have at least 3-years of management experience on top of that as well.

Social Media has a crucial role as well, as it will be used to gather up any trends and/or stories.

According to Visual Capitalist, over the past 25-years, crime has been on a decline, especially when compared to the view of the public eye. According to a Visual Capitalist chart, the rate of criminal activity continues to go down, while people’s assumptions of how crime actually occurs, well,  it doesn’t.

It has been proven that Americans continue to think that the rate of criminal activity just continues to increase by the day. That’s not the case though, as the rate of criminal activity has decreased, enormously.

A survey that was given in 2016 showed that about 15% of Americans believe, or believed, correctly, that crime was at a lower rate in the year 2016 when compared to say 2008. The survey also showed that about 47% of Americans believed that the rate of criminal activity had gotten worse.