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    Josie Filice

    Josie Filice

    Josie Filice is a freshman at Lakewood High, where she is involved with many different school events. She was on the junior varsity volleyball team for her school, played softball from 5th grade and continues to play summer softball this year. In the winter and spring Josie plays club volleyball for NOH (Northern Ohio). During the summer she also does the volleyball camp for Lakewood and will be helping with the younger kids. Josie is also in such as Adv English 1. She always picks others up when they need it the most, she always focuses on her school work and makes sure she gets everything done. I asked Josie some questions and here are her answers:

    Q: When did you find out you had such a passion for volleyball?

    A: “I found I had a passion for volleyball when I joined my first volleyball club when I was 12 and was immediately dedicated to the commitment.”

    Q: How do you balance your school work with all of your outside of school events?

    A: “I use my free periods when I can and utilize any free time I have to finish my school work before I turn my night to volleyball.”

    Q: How were you sure you wanted to take the responsibility of taking AP classes?

    A: “I was sure I wanted to take AP (APUSH) class because I really thought about my future in college and how the hard work now would pay off later when I have already attained some history credits.”

    Q: Are you planning on continuing volleyball after high school? Why or why not?

    A: “If I am offered a scholarship I would love to play college, but it’s not my main priority because I am not considering volleyball as a career and that’s why I am attending college to start my career.”

    Q: What is your favorite thing about high school so far?

    A: “My favorite thing about high school is the freedom this school has because at my old school, I didn’t have that and I like balancing my work.”



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