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    Why I Don’t Care About Avengers Endgame


    I’ve never watched an Avengers movie, and I’m not going to start now. I’ve never really shown an interest in those movies, but most of my friends love those movies and went to see Endgame night before it came out.

    I also have other friends who have the same opinion as me and don’t really care what happens in these movies. I’m not going to diss on all of these movies, because obviously there are a lot of the Avenger movies for a reason, but I just do not care.

    In opening weekend Avengers Endgame made 1.2 billion in movie sales breaking the record for an opening weekend movie. It mind boggles me that many people went to go see a movie this past weekend about the Avengers.

    I’m not going to bash this movie, because so many people love it and are obsessed some might say. The actors and actresses do a very good job playing their role, but it doesn’t make up for the fact that I hate the plots for the movies.

    I can’t say I hate the movies for an unrealistic plot like superheroes, and people flying because I watch tv shows about vampires and werewolves.  Maybe I don’t like it because there isn’t drama, or maybe there is I wouldn’t know because I’ve never seen one.

    Senior Molly Roche said, “I watch the movies, and I love them, but I understand why some people wouldn’t like them, and I have no judgment for people who don’t like them.”

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