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    Kentucky Derby


    The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, May 4th, at 6:50 pm. The race takes place at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. This will be the 145th Kentucky Derby. The first one happened in 1875, making the Kentucky Derby the longest-running sporting event in U.S. history. The Kentucky Derby is a 1.25 mile horse race that usually lasts around 2-minutes, and is one of the most popular events in America.

    This year the favorite to win the Kentucky Derby is Omaha Beach with the odds of 4-1. Omaha Beach recently won three straight races and will be ridden by Hall of Fame jockey Mike Smith. The other horses that have a good chance of winning are Game Winner (5-1), Improbable (6-1), and Roadster (6-1).

    Although the Kentucky Derby is just a horse race, there are so many other traditions that come along with it. One well-known tradition is the hats that the women wear to the race. Wearing hats to the Kentucky Derby has been customary since the beginning, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that the hats became what they are today: creative and impressive.

    Another tradition at the Kentucky Derby is the infield seating. This is where people who do not want to buy an expensive ticket are able to watch the race. The infield seating isn’t really seating it all, it is just a giant standing room that holds the biggest party scene at Churchill Downs.

    The Kentucky Derby also draws in famous people from all over the world. Including Queen Elizabeth II, Brad Pitt, Tom Brady, Micheal Jordan and many more.

    Lakewood resident, Ella Calleri, said, “I really wish that I could go to the Kentucky Derby. It sounds like a really fun experience.”

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