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    Why The California Exhaust Law Is Unreasonable


    Just because your car’s exhaust is louder than so many decibels, does not mean that you should be able to be ticket someone. The California Assembly Bill (A.B.) 1824, which was signed into law by then-Governor Jerry Brown in June of 2018 went into effect on January 1, 2019, enables police to ticket people for having a loud exhaust on their vehicle. Most car enthusiasts have exhausts on their vehicles that exceed 95 decibels (the legal limit) because they sound very good.

    There is, however, a workaround to this. By installing a servo in your exhaust system, you’ll be able to switch between exhaust pipes from either straight pipe or stock exhaust with the quick flip of a switch. When I mentioned the law, Spencer Werner made an ironic comment of “Jeez, my Civic is that loud”  obviously, they just switch it to the quieter exhaust around the police.

    California is a hot spot for cars right now. You can get them down there, rust free and either take them back to your house or some people straight up move down there for the car scene, but just because you have a louder than normal car, doesn’t mean you should have to pay $1,105. This seems like California’s way of targeting enthusiasts because they need money or are running out of it in their state.


    While I get that it could be annoying to people in neighboring residences, the simple solution is to just put in an exhaust servo that allows you to switch between them at any point. Why California went this far is beyond my mind but this whole thing just seems so unreasonable and really just annoying to everyone.

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