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    Fanny Pack Sandals

    Fanny Pack Sandals

    Have you ever heard of the new invention The Fanny Pack Sandals? This was new to me too, I have never heard of this invention but it seems pretty practical.

    This fanny pack sandal invention is being sold at Finish Line. When you look up the price of them, they are only $50 for a new pair.

    I personally think that the price of them is a little high, but then again they are Nike brand and are a new invention. And shoes nowadays are very expensive and there is no way around it.

    They look just like the regular sandals that you would buy from Nike, the only difference is that there is a small pocket with a zipper attached to the front of the sandal.

    What items would you put in this pocket you might ask.

    I am going to be honest, there are not many objects that you can actually put in the small zipper pocket. The things that come to me right off the top of my head that you can actually fit in that small of a pocket would be money or a credit card.

    Lets say you were wearing just shorts and a tee-shirt and you did not have any pockets in your shorts, what do you do?

    You can whip out those sandals and put what you need in them and do not have to worry about money falling out or losing money or anything like that. So if you do not think a regular fanny pack is fashionable enough for you, you can always wear the shoe version of them.

    These shoes come in all different sizes, black, white, green, pink, purple or even neon colors.

    I talked to a few kids at Lakewood High School, here are their opinions on the new famous fanny pack sandals.

    “I think that it could be a practical invention, but I do not know how many people would actually go out and buy these sandals for $50.” – Jordhan Kieres.

    “These sandals are a cool and different thought. I never thought they would actually be sold in stores, they almost are kind of funny they seem fake.” – Michael McCollum.



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