How the Military Affects People

How the Military Affects People

Maddy McFarlin

Everyone always hears the stories from either our history teachers or just people talking about all of the things that happen in and out of the military. There are so many people who come out of the service with many mental and physical problems.

You go into the service knowing that something may happen to you physically but you never really expected you to become mentally affected or harmed by it. According to “Once A Soldier”  22 to 20.6 people commit suicide each day and 16.8 of them are veterans.

So many people end up having PTSD after coming out of the service because of all of what you saw and all of what happened while they were there. They can not sleep at night or go through a normal day without having a flash back or freaking out.

My grandfather ended up having some terrible flashbacks from the war which had a negative effect most of the time.

Another person I know who was in the army came back and had a whole other personality. The way they acted was just not the same as they used to be and  understand that most of the time that happens but with this person they always had to compare. They had to make it be known how hard the army is.

They had to put themselves as the victim and we all understand that it is hard but do not bring down people’s moods who are happy and just trying to have fun. “I think that when people serve they tend to be very timid when they come back which is not how they should be, they should be happy to be back, they should not ruin other people’s happiness,” said Morgan Harper.