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    Legalization of Marijuana


    Everyone wants to talk about how bad Marijuana is for everyone and how it will kill you…it really won’t. In Ohio there has been a debate on if Marijuana should be legalized or not. There are many that say it should but there are still quite a few that say that it is bad for you and should not be legal.

    The people who say it should not be legal do not know enough about the substance they just know that it is a drug that is illegal. When something is correlated with being illegal then it is already considered bad I suppose.

    People do not realize that alcohol os more harming then Marijuana. The short-term and long-term effects are all around worse than the use of Marijuana. People consistently say that you will die and bad things can happen to you if you do end up using Marijuana. Although, so many people have died from the use of alcohol and have had to get their stomach pumped from alcohol poisoning.

    The only way you could end up getting hurt from the use of Marijuana is if you get some that is laced with other chemicals. Marijuana is mostly all natural since it come from the Cannabis Plant. It is grown and then all dried out.

    There are so many people who use Marijuana for medical purposes because it makes them relaxed or helps them sleep or brightens their mood or helps take the pain away. If we are using this as a drug to do these things why is it so bad to use recreational.

    “I think that Marijuana should be legal because of its use for things to help people. So many people make poor decisions on alcohol and Marijuana just makes everyone chilled out. What is so wrong with that?”-Anonymous

    The amount of people who get put into jail or get in trouble because of their use of Marijuana is unbelievable because something so harmless leads to ruining their lives.



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