Appeal Denied, Kentucky Derby Disqualification


Tony Cunningham

For the first time in 145 years, it is said that a horse who finished first, was disqualified from the Kentucky Derby. Country House was declared the winner as a result, following an “inquiry ruling.”

Lakewood High School Junior Jerry Anthony says, “Old Bessie was a fine horse.”

It is said to have been a 65-1 long shot, which involved almost 20 other competitors, 18 to be exact. According to Maximum Security was said to have crossed the finish line as a result of “sloppy conditions,” resulting in the disqualification following an objection. The objection that was filed accused the horse of interfering with the various paths of the other competitors.

Maximum Security would be listed 17th as a result of the objection and disqualification.

Apparently, approximately 20-minutes was spent looking over surveillance footage, with the decision being to disqualify Maximum Security, and to declare Country House the winner of the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby.

Code of Honor, following Country House, would be placed 2nd, and Tacitus placed 3rd.

Unfortunately, earlier on this week, Omaha Beach, who was a favorite to win at the time, was taken out of the race due to breathing issues, with a diagnosis of a entrapped epiglottis. This is usually treated with minor surgery. Fortunately, the horse’s career will not be harmed or threatened as a result of the correction surgery.

The announcement of Maximum Security’s disqualification was posted online via Twitter after the event had already taken place.

Country House’s jockey, Flavien Prat, was delighted after hearing of the victory, with this being his and Bill Mott’s very first win, with Bill Mott acting as the trainer.